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We keep hearing we should stay away from sugar and find natural alternatives, but sugar may not always be our foe. In fact, sugar injections could possibly help relieve chronic joint and muscle pain. The method of injecting patients with dextrose (sugar wa- ter) is known as prolotherapy, which promotes inflammation in an injured tissue. But how can this be if inflamma- tion is the source of the problem? It turns out the process can trigger the body's natural healing response. Naturopathic doctor at the Rocky Mountain Wellness Clin- ic in Colorado, Dr. Matthew Brennecke weighs in: "This may sound counterintuitive, as that [inflammation] is what we ide- ally want to avoid, but there is a method to our madness," he said via email. "Sugar brings about inflammation in the body. When you inject it, you can localize where that inflammation will occur." Brennecke, who specializes in chronic disease management and regularly uses natural medicine therapies, said the im- mune system responds to the inflammation and swarms the damaged joint space, ligaments and tendons in the inject- ed area and repairs the tissues in that area, thus promoting growth of new ligaments or tendon fibers. CAN SUGAR I NJECTIONS R E L I E V E C H R O N I C PAIN? by SAMAR KHOURY BeMore! November 2015 © Vital Origins, LLC All Rights Reserved 11 NEXT >

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